The Dadadang Percussion Group, born from an idea of Vittorio Panza, started in Bergamo in 1985. The artistic research target is the synthesis of movement and sound, between visual and sonorous rhythm.

The first production, "Parade for Moving Percussions", itinerant performance still on stage, made its debut on the occasion of the International Festival of Theatre, Music and Dance "Sonavan...le vie dintorno" and obtained immediately favourable reviews both from the critics and from the public.

Following the success of �Parata� - over 500 perfomances in the most important towns and Festivals in Europe � the research evolves to other fields, both in open air and in chamber music , from the percussions performances like �Oraritmos� and �Percussioni Verticali�, to the choereographique ones, such as �Bol�ro Rue�.

The group is now working on two different new projects: the percussion ensemble �Drams� and the Phase IV of the project �Parade�.a

In 2001 a CD was recorded by Dadadang "Musiche di Scena" which includes their particular sonorities.